Daily FX Commentary

04 March 2015 - GBP/EUR through 1.38 as stop orders are filled in early Europe

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound pushed higher on Tuesday morning after data released at 9:30am showed February’s UK Construction PMI beat forecast to print at 60.1. The rea... read more

03 March 2015 - Dollar strengthens again despite yet more disappointing data

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: UK Manufacturing PMI was released yesterday morning and printed slightly stronger than market expectations, giving GBP/USD a small boost. The data showed t... read more

02 March 2015 - Dollar remains firm despite disappointing GDP data

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD bounced around on Friday morning, rising to 1.5448 in advance of the release of US data on Friday afternoon. Prelim GDP printed stronger than marke... read more

27 February 2015 - GBP/EUR hits seven year highs as euro sinks across the board

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: It was a quiet start to the day yesterday but as the day went on EUR/USD dropped, dragging GBP/USD lower with it. The pound fell from 1.5535 to a low of 1.... read more

26 February 2015 - Yellen, Draghi and Carney fail to surprise as GBP/USD pushes through 1.55

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD tripped through stops at 1.55 yesterday and went on to trade to a high of 1.5533 in the morning. Yellen’s comments a day earlier – alth... read more

25 February 2015 - GBP/USD breaks 1.55 ahead of speech by BoE''s Carney

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The Bank of England Inflation Hearings occurred yesterday at which Governor Carney and other MPC members testified on inflation and monetary policy before P... read more

24 February 2015 - Markets Await Inflation Report Hearings and Yellen Testimony

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: This morning sees Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney and other MPC members discuss the latest Inflation Report before the Treasury Select Committee at Pa... read more

23 February 2015 - Greece remains part of the Eurozone for now as austerity reforms fall due

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: Greece/EU talks didn’t break down over the weekend as feared and Greece remains part of the Eurozone this morning. On Friday, Greece and its EU and I... read more

20 February 2015 - Focus remains firmly on Greece/EU talks as EUR sinks

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: All eyes remain well and truly focused on what’s happening with Greece and the Eurozone. There’s lots of rhetoric going around at the moment bu... read more

19 February 2015 - Pound higher as earnings, employment and minutes all upbeat

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound rallied yesterday following a plethora of positive economic data releases. To start with, the UK’s average earnings index rose by 2.1% in t... read more

18 February 2015 - UK inflation drops to new lows but GBP remains steady

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: Data yesterday showed that UK inflation fell from 0.5% to an all-time low of 0.3% in January, but in line with most analysts’ forecasts. Low inflatio... read more

17 February 2015 - Euro falls as Greek debt talks collapse

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: It was a relatively quiet start to the trading week yesterday with America enjoying a day off work due to the Presidents Day national holiday. Cable started... read more

16 February 2015 - FX markets steady as US traders enjoy long weekend

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The dollar weakened across the board during the afternoon session on Friday and it continued to drop overnight. Data on Friday showed that US consumer sent... read more

13 February 2015 - Pound rises on BoE Inflation Report

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: The pound rose yesterday on the back of the release of the latest Inflation Report from the Bank of England. The report stated that UK inflation could brief... read more

12 February 2015 - GBP bumps higher this morning in advance of BOE Inflation Report

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD came close to breaking through 1.53 yesterday but failed and promptly tumbled during the late afternoon session. The dollar was generally stronger ... read more

10 February 2015 - GBP steady ahead of UK manufacturing data

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: It was a fairly quiet day in FX markets on Monday. There weren’t any significant economic data releases and investors took somewhat of a breather fol... read more

09 February 2015 - Dollar strengthens after solid US jobs report

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The main market event on Friday was US Non-Farm Payrolls. In advance of the release, GBP/USD made steady gains and traded to a high of 1.5350 at around mid... read more

06 February 2015 - Euro bumps higher on reports of SNB intervention

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: EUR/USD bounced back yesterday on the back of rumours that the SNB was buying EUR/USD and USD/CHF in an attempt to weaken the value of the Swiss franc. GBP... read more

05 February 2015 - Euro slides as ECB revoke waiver on Greek government debt being used as collateral

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: UK services PMI for January printed stronger than expected yesterday morning. The purchasing managers’ index rose to 57.2 in January, up from a 17 mo... read more

04 February 2015 - Dollar weakens as investors lock in profits

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The dollar was sold off yesterday and gave up quite a lot of its gains from the previous few weeks. There was no particular fundamental catalyst for the mo... read more

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