Daily FX Commentary

30 September 2014 - Tight ranges ensue in run up to ECB announcement

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound was steady throughout most of yesterday’s trading session. The US dollar firmed up in the morning and GBP/USD slipped to a low of 1.6216. ... read more

26 September 2014 - Commodity currencies continue their slide

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD whipped around between 1.6280 and 1.6340 yesterday, reaching the top of its range following comments from the Bank of England’s Carney. He sa... read more

25 September 2014 - Euro smacked lower as key support levels are breached

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD has trickled lower throughout the last 24 hours. It’s explained in part by the broad strength we’ve seen in the dollar recently, which ... read more

24 September 2014 - Commodity currencies suffer most amid a lack of economic data

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: Trading in GBP/USD was volatile yesterday morning. It slipped early on to a low of 1.6302 after UK public finance data showed a deterioration in August. P... read more

23 September 2014 - Draghi tells us nothing new as euro steadies

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: Cable ground its way slowly higher throughout the day yesterday. It then popped higher again in the early Tokyo session and ended up trading to a high of 1... read more

22 September 2014 - GBP falls back again after excitement of Scottish vote

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: Overall, the pound’s reaction to the Scottish ‘no’ vote was fairly muted. It traded to a high of 1.6515 vs. the USD early on Friday morni... read more

19 September 2014 - Pound pushes higher following 'no vote

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound pushed higher yesterday as the Scottish vote neared and it has continued to rise slowly since the result. The GBP/USD pair has traded to a high o... read more

17 September 2014 - Sterling set for key 24 hours with MPC minutes and Scottish referendum due

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Yesterday saw a lot of volatility in the pound with sharp moves in GBP/USD during the London and New York sessions. Yesterday morning brought the release of... read more

16 September 2014 - Pound lower on Scottish independence uncertainty

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: All eyes continue to focus on Thursday Scottish independence referendum with the vote expected to bring a narrow victory for the No campaign. The pound cont... read more

15 September 2014 - Scottish vote remains in focus as GBP opens a touch firmer

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The USD strengthened on Friday, largely a result of better than expected US economic data; Retail Sales printed at 0.6% vs. an expected 0.3%, Prelim UoM Con... read more

12 September 2014 - Pounds recovery continues on latest Scottish referendum opinion poll

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: The pounds recovery has continued over the past 24 hours as another opinion poll put the No campaign (against independence) ahead in the lead up to next Thu... read more

11 September 2014 - Sterling recovers after latest Scottish independence opinion poll

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Sterling strengthened across the board yesterday evening as the latest opinion poll put the Better Together camp in the run up to the Scottish independence ... read more

10 September 2014 - Markets await UK Inflation Report Hearings

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Bank of England Governor Mark Carney spoke yesterday at the Trade Union Congress in Liverpool where he hinted that UK rates were due to rise in early 2015. ... read more

09 September 2014 - Sterling sell-off continues on Scottish referendum uncertainty

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Sterling’s sell-off has continued over the past 24 hours with GBP/USD dropping to its lowest level since November 2013. Cable touched a low of 1.6067 ... read more

08 September 2014 - Sterling dives on Scottish referendum opinion poll

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Sterling has fallen this morning on the back of a report in yesterday’s Sunday Times which shows that the Yes vote for Scottish independence has taken... read more

05 September 2014 - Euro smacked lower after ECB announce surprise series of policy measures

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD has broken down through resistance at 1.64 over the last 24 hours. The Scottish independence vote is weighing on the pound but there are other fact... read more

04 September 2014 - All eyes on ECB as inflation concerns continue

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: UK Services PMI printed better than market expectations on Wednesday morning and it was another positive reading hot off of the heals of strong Construction... read more

03 September 2014 - GBP suffers as YouGov poll shows growing support for Scottish independence

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound kept on falling yesterday. Despite a solid UK Construction PMI reading which printed at 64.0 vs. expectations for 61.5, GBP/USD fell from 1.6571 ... read more

02 September 2014 - GBP/USD settles lower ahead of Construction PMI

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: It was an interesting start to the week yesterday as GBP bounced higher. It was led higher by healthy sales in EUR/GBP. UK Manufacturing PMI was then rele... read more

01 September 2014 - Pound bounces across the board in whippy conditions

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD drifted lower on Friday although it did spike to a high of 1.6610 as the London session finished. It eventually fell to a low of 1.6564 very late o... read more

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