Daily FX Commentary

20 November 2014 - Pound rises as UK retail sales beat forecast

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: The pound got a boost yesterday morning as UK Retail Sales for October beat forecast showing 0.8% growth m/m. After last month’s disappointing result ... read more

19 November 2014 - Pound limps along ahead of UK and US central bank minutes

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound remains under pressure this morning despite stronger than expected inflation data released yesterday. Year on year inflation accelerated last mon... read more

18 November 2014 - GBP under pressure again ahead of inflation data

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: After staging a mild recovery late on Friday, GBP/USD snapped lower again on Monday morning as Europe came online. Both HSBC and Barclays announced that th... read more

17 November 2014 - A busy week awaits with inflation and central bank minutes in focus

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The momentum was with pound sellers on Friday as GBP/USD broke down through support at 1.5650. The dovish Inflation Report earlier in the week and the broa... read more

14 November 2014 - Pound drops to fourteen month lows vs. the dollar

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD has continued to lose ground and it opens this morning at 14 month lows. The pound is still reeling from the Bank of England’s various downgr... read more

13 November 2014 - GBP snaps lower after inflation and growth forecasts are cut

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound snapped lower yesterday following the release of the Bank of England Inflation Report. The central bank cut inflation and GDP forecasts; 2014 CPI... read more

12 November 2014 - Big day for the pound with earnings, employment and Inflation Report due

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD was steady throughout much of yesterday with it being Veteran’s Day in North America. Thinner liquidity sometimes and often results in volati... read more

11 November 2014 - Steady start to the week ahead of US remembrance public holiday

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The dollar retraced on Monday, pushing higher across the board, and GBP/USD slipped back below 1.59. There was little by way of market moving headlines on ... read more

10 November 2014 - A big week for the pound as the USD drifts lower

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: The pound was steady for most of the day on Friday, despite it being a busy day for economic releases and events. UK trade balance figures were released in... read more

07 November 2014 - Euro sinks on Draghi''s dovish comments

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD has trickled lower throughout the last 24 hours in response to weaker than expected data over the last week. That said, manufacturing data surprise... read more

06 November 2014 - Euro retreats as focus turns to ECB and Draghi''s press conference

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: UK Services PMI printed weaker than expected on Wednesday at 56.2 vs. expectations for 58.5 and although the index reading was still relatively strong it wa... read more

05 November 2014 - Dollar advance gathers momentum as GBP/USD slips towards 1.59

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: GBP/USD was steady throughout much of yesterday’s session and overnight. UK Construction PMI printed slightly weaker than expected yesterday at 61.4 ... read more

04 November 2014 - Aussie dollar recovers after early week sell-off

By Alex Edwards
United States Dollar: UK Manufacturing PMI printed better than market forecasts yesterday and gave the pound an early boost. GBP/USD jumped from 1.5970 to a high of 1.6015 as th... read more

31 October 2014 - USD reluctant to move higher despite positive GDP

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - Having dropped to an overnight low of 1.5970, following the end of Quantitative Easing in the US, Sterling spent yesterday morning recovering some... read more

30 October 2014 - USD surges as Fed ends QE

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - The safe haven dollar has surged against its UK counterpart as the US Federal Reserve Bank confirmed an end to its Quantitative Easing programme a... read more

28 October 2014 - Markets cautious ahead of tomorrow''s FOMC statement

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - After the turbulence of last week cable experience a relatively quiet day of trading as sterling remained well supported. With no data releases f... read more

27 October 2014 - US data dominates this weeks docket

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - Sterling pushed higher on Friday and UK 3rd Quarter GDP met expectations while US home sales figures did not. YoY GDP hit predicted levels of 3.0... read more

24 October 2014 - Retail Sales disappoint raising concerns over UK Economic Recovery

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - Sterling initially fell as UK retail sales, BBA mortgage approvals and CBI Industrial trends survey all came in below expectations but then regain... read more

23 October 2014 - Dovish MPC Minutes send GBP/USD lower

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - Dovish comments from the Band of England's MPC minutes saw sterling fall heavily against the Greenback. While the minutes were expected to dovish... read more

22 October 2014 - Today''s focus on BoE Minutes and US Inflation

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD - The dollar gained back some ground yesterday as better than expected home sales data supported the Greenback. The pair started the day shrugging ... read more

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