Daily FX Commentary

09 February 2016 - Oil is the driver after a thin trade

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: In what was an uneventful start to the week the US dollar still remains well supported from the largely upbeat U.S employment report on Friday. Markets are ... read more

08 February 2016 - USD rebounds after strong employment data

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: The Dollar pushed higher on Friday after the release of mostly positive U.S. employment data. Although the non-farm release fell short of its forecast, the ... read more

05 February 2016 - Sterling suffered at the hands of heavy weight data yesterday

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Negative data from both sides of the pond does nothing for cable. The UK got the ball rolling on this headline with 4 heavy weight data released at 12pm yes... read more

04 February 2016 - USD extends its losses

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: The Dollar extended its losses during yesterday’s session and hit new 3 week lows against Sterling, this followed the release of a strong services fig... read more

03 February 2016 - UK construction disappoints ahead of services data today

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: UK construction doesn’t dampen Sterling’s gains against the US Dollar. The big data from yesterday did disappoint coming in well below the expec... read more

02 February 2016 - Will UK construction figures support GBP gains

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Accelerated growth in UK manufacturing has seen Sterling push higher against the Greenback. The noteworthy release for yesterday certainly didn’t disa... read more

01 February 2016 - Manufacturing data rules the headlines

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Cable begins the week lower after the highs seen at the end of last week. GBP/USD 1.4407 seen at around 6:30am on Friday morning gradually fell during the w... read more

29 January 2016 - USD falls following terrible Durable Goods orders

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD opens notable higher today following the worst monthly decline in US durable goods orders since Sept 2014. In early trading cable carved out some s... read more

28 January 2016 - USD weaker following Dovish FOMC statement

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD opens lower today as risk off trading continues to dominate cables movements. Opening the day at 1.4325, the pair quickly gapped below 1.43 followi... read more

27 January 2016 - Risk up as focus shifts to US Fed decision and Monetary Policy Statement

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD rebounded strongly through Tuesdays trading as a recovery in risk appetite helped the pound gain nearly 1.75 cents to hit an intraday high of 1.4366... read more

26 January 2016 - Risk Adversity sends Euro higher

By James Mills
United States Dollar: Cable traded a fairly tight half cent range yesterday as traders await the Federal Reserve’s upcoming policy meeting on Wednesday evening. Starting t... read more

25 January 2016 - Euro still on back foot following potential increase in Stimulus measures

By James Mills
United States Dollar: Friday saw GBP/USD on the front foot as the pair retracted from Wednesdays lows to a peak just above 1.4360. This was despite UK Retail sales for December ... read more

22 January 2016 - Euro weakens as Draghi signals more stimulus in March

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Cable broke below 1.41 yesterday for the first time since March 2009 as the ongoing stock market rout weighed on the pound. Brent crude again dropped below ... read more

21 January 2016 - Sterling subdued amid stock market chaos

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Yesterday saw the latest wage growth and unemployment data from the UK. The closely followed wage growth figure fell a touch further than expected from 2.4%... read more

20 January 2016 - Pound drops to 7 year low on Carney comments

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Sterling suffered more pain yesterday falling to a seven year low against the greenback after comments from Bank of England Mark Carney poured cold water on... read more

19 January 2016 - China growth data weakest in 25 years

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Chinas growth data was released overnight showing the economy expanded at 6.8% y/y in Q4 2015, slightly lower than the 6.9% forecast. As a whole 2015 saw gr... read more

18 January 2016 - Pound drops on UK slowdown fears

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Friday saw Sterling take a pummelling dropping to another multi-year low against the greenback. It started the London session around 1.44 before rapidly fal... read more

15 January 2016 - Negative Sentiment Surrounds The Pound

By Matthew Corran
United States Dollar: The pound looks to be set to end the week in the red against most of its major pairs today. We have had a return to risk aversion in the market during the ... read more

14 January 2016 - Pound Waiting For Guidance From The BOE

By Matthew Corran
United States Dollar: Sterling actually ended the day lower against the US dollar yesterday. After initially holding steady in the morning session investors became concerned tha... read more

13 January 2016 - Pound Steadies After Heavy Sell Off Yesterday

By Matthew Corran
United States Dollar: So far this morning the GBP/USD rate is barely changed. Currently up 0.01% at 1.4444. The main news stories relates to a better than expected trade surplus figure released by ... read more

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