Daily FX Commentary

29 April 2016 - Sterling gains seen for April

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Cable pushes higher overnight. The Dovish tone was set by the FED on Wednesday as interest rates were kept on hold and bets on future interest rates being s... read more

28 April 2016 - FED announcement ends up a damp squib

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: The eagerly anticipated FED decisions ended up being a damp squib. Tuesdays European session started with an UK update on UK prelim GDP and we saw economic ... read more

27 April 2016 - Sterling surges higher against the Aussie

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: The Greenback came under further pressure yesterday. The headline releases for Tuesday both disappointed, with durable goods orders and consumer confidence ... read more

26 April 2016 - Brexit or Bremain that is the question

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: No data between the two currency locations yesterday worth mentioning. This meant focus moved over to this week’s interest rate decision from the US a... read more

25 April 2016 - Early Brexit poll continues to support Sterling

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Cable begins the day higher than Fridays start. There was little in the way of data on Friday, so movement would have been based on the weeks releases and t... read more

22 April 2016 - USD higher following improved Jobless Claims

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD, Sterling started the day on the back foot yesterday as UK retail sales printed below predicted levels for March. Opening at 1.4335 the pair fell t... read more

21 April 2016 - GBP/EUR higher as latest Brexit poll shows strong lead for UK to Remain

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD, Sterling’s gains have tailed off through overnight and this morning’s trades. Yesterday the pair continued to test the 1.44 level as ... read more

20 April 2016 - Broad USD weakness continues

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD, yesterday continued the theme of broad dollar weakness as both US Housing starts and building permits failed to stem the tide. Housing starts post... read more

19 April 2016 - Dovish comments from Fed Member Dudley send USD lower

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD has continued to gain overnight as comments from the president of the Federal Reserve bank of New York, William Dudley helped support US yields. Co... read more

18 April 2016 - Euro Weaker following poor Friday Trade Balance data

By James Mills
United States Dollar: GBP/USD steadily gained throughout Friday as both US industrial production and capacity utilization for March missed expectations. Industrial production wa... read more

15 April 2016 - Chinese data continues to impress

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Yesterday saw the UK keep interest rates on hold as expected and the markets barely moved. The rate has been at this low level for seven years with the vote... read more

14 April 2016 - Dollar Defies Retail Data

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: From glancing at the fundamental data yesterday you would expect to see the USD to have weakened, however quite the opposite occurred. In a Time Magazine in... read more

13 April 2016 - Yesterday, a good day to be Crude

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: The USD was anticipating a tough reporting session this week. However surprisingly US Stocks posted solid gains overnight which was mostly led by energy sto... read more

12 April 2016 - Inflation, in-Focus

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: The USD seemed to suffer yesterday falling against most majors as the weaker dollar boosted commodities and materials stocks. It barely reacted to Fed presi... read more

11 April 2016 - Monday''s Focus Firmly on Fed

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: All the UK fundamental data releases last week came in under forecast. Manufacturing fell 1.1% and 1.8% over the year. Industrial production fell by 0.3% an... read more

08 April 2016 - EUR/USD falls from six month high on ECB minutes

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Sterling has continued to slide over the past 24 hours as it was sold in a day of risk-off trade. With equity markets dropping on falling oil prices and the... read more

07 April 2016 - Dollar weakens as Fed signals delay to rate hikes

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: The latest FOMC minutes were released yesterday showing only Kansas City Fed President, Esther George, voted for a hike in US interest rates at the March me... read more

06 April 2016 - Risk aversion sees GBP/EUR hit 17 month low

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Yesterday saw the release of the monthly Services PMI from the UK which showed a recovery from Februarys 35 month low of 52.7. The March reading came in at ... read more

05 April 2016 - Markets await UK Services PMI

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: It was a quite start to the week yesterday with a smattering of data from around the world. From the UK we had the monthly Construction PMI which printed 54... read more

04 April 2016 - GBP/EUR Falls Below 1.25 For First Time Since 2014

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: Friday saw the latest Non-Farm Payrolls release from the States with the print showing 215k jobs were added to the economy in March. The figure beat estimat... read more

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