Daily FX Commentary

24 October 2016 - Quiet start to week ahead of key UK data

By Corporate Dealer
It’s a relatively quiet start to the week data-wise however holders of sterling will be concerned at comments from the head of the British Bankers Association, Anthony Browne stating that banks may start to move operations out of the UK as soon as Christm read more

20 October 2016 - Oils jumps pulling Aussie and Kiwi higher

By Corporate Dealer
Wage growth data was released from the UK yesterday coming in as forecast at 2.3% from the same period the year before. The accompanying unemployment figures showed no change holding steady at 4.9% from the month before. GBP/USD pushed up through 1.23 on read more

19 October 2016 - UK CPI hits highest level since Nov 2014

By Corporate Dealer
GBP/USD rose to as high as 1.2325 yesterday as UK inflation hit its highest level since November 2014. The latest CPI figures from the Office of National Statistics saw a rise from 0.6% to 1.0% higher than the 0.9% pencilled in. read more

18 October 2016 - CPI set to rise on sterlings fall

By Corporate Dealer
The news was dominated by Brexit yet again yesterday (as is likely to be the case for the rest of the decade) as a legal challenge to the vote to leave the EU reached the High Court. read more

17 October 2016 - Report predicts jump in UK inflation

By Corporate Dealer
There was more bad news over the future of the UK economy published this morning with a report by EY’s Item Club expecting the UK to face a period of weaker growth in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. read more

14 October 2016 - Greenback Gains Showing No Signs of Slowing

By Manager - Private Client Desk
Joe Eastwood read more

13 October 2016 - "Hard-Brexit" Fears Eased For Now

By Manager - Private Client Desk
Joe Eastwood read more

12 October 2016 - Pound Problems Persist

By Manager - Private Client Desk
Joe Eastwood read more

11 October 2016 - Sterling Slump Yet To Subside

By Manager - Private Client Desk
Joe Eastwood read more

10 October 2016 - "Flash-Crash" Fallout

By Manager - Private Client Desk
Joe Eastwood read more

07 October 2016 - Sterling slumps against other majors

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
Overnight we saw GBP fall sharply against other major currencies. It is still unclear exactly what caused the harsh drop but analysts have suggested that it was caused by automated trading systems reacting to a news report, with the drop coming shortly af read more

06 October 2016 - Sterlig falls despite positive Services PMI

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
GBP saw its third and final PMI release of the week yesterday. Services PMI followed in the footsteps of Manufacturing and Construction by coming in above forecast (52.1) at 52.6. read more

05 October 2016 - Pound keeps getting talked down

By Philip Anastacio - Private Client Dealer
The USD had no economic data releases yesterday but during a radio debate, Cleveland’s Federal President, Loretta Mester was part of a panel assembled to talk about the USA’s economic health. read more

04 October 2016 - Renewed Brexit Fears Punishes The GBP

By Philip Anastacio
The USA ISM manufacturing data was released yesterday and as predicted it was a positive bit of news for the US Dollar read more

03 October 2016 - Brexit by End of March 2017

By Philip Anastacio - Private Client Dealer
United States Dollar: The general consensus is that USA’s economy is “quite healthy” at the moment with near full employment and another example of this h... read more

30 September 2016 - USD keeps gaining

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
It was a positive day for the USD yesterday with both Final GDP q/q and Unemployment Claims coming in above forecast. read more

29 September 2016 - All eyes on the central banks

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
Yesterday saw the release of slightly better than expected USD data with core durable goods orders m/m and durable goods orders m/m both coming in above forecast. read more

28 September 2016 - Markets await Central Bank comments

By Joshua Hughes - Private Client Dealer
United States Dollar: As oil prices retreated 2% yesterday the Dollar was able to make early gains. This fall in oil prices was due to officials from Iran and Saudi Arabia ... read more

27 September 2016 - Yen trumps Dollar during Presidential debate

By Joshua Hughes
United States Dollar: The week started slowly for the USD, opening trading at 1.297 against the pound. New Home Sales posted above expectations with a figure of 609K, 20.9... read more

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