Daily FX Commentary

02 December 2016 - Sterling surges over hopes of a soft Brexit

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
Powering sterling’s gains yesterday were comments made by UK Brexit minister David Davis. Mr Davis reduced fears of a “hard Brexit” saying that the UK would consider making payments to the EU to gain the best possible access to the single market. read more

01 December 2016 - Oil prices rise as OPEC cuts production

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
Yesterday’s key release came from the OPEC meeting minutes, with much of Wednesday’s trading being dominated by the meetings in Vienna. The meeting signaled the first reduction of oil production in eight years with it being concluded that oil production read more

30 November 2016 - OPEC Members Meet In Vienna

By Philip Anastacio - Private Client Dealer
United States Dollar: Investors yesterday heard the views from two FOMC members on the US economy. Both Dudley and Powell were in agreement that the USA economy is performi... read more

29 November 2016 - No Article 50 Without Article 127

By Philip Anastacio - Private Client Dealer
United States Dollar: Yesterday was widely regarded as a profit-taking day as the USD recovered against the EUR and the GBP amid no economic data being released for the Gre... read more

24 November 2016 - Sterling gains post Autumn Statement

By Charlotte Skeer - Private Client Dealer
Sterling spent most of yesterday morning lower against other major currencies in anticipation of the Autumn statement. read more

23 November 2016 - Markets await post-Brexit Autumn Statement

By Corporate Dealer
Today sees the eagerly anticipated Autumn Statement being presented to Parliament by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond. With the UK economy predicted to slow next year as uncertainty over Brexit acts as a headwind the Chancellor is expected to a read more

22 November 2016 - A Trump Presidency takes shape.

By Joshua Hughes - Private Client Dealer
United States Dollar: Overnight, Trump outlined his plan for his first 100 days as President, emphasising the mantra of “America First”, stating he would be res... read more

21 November 2016 - A Thankful USD awaits Fed minutes on Wednesday.

By Joshua Hughes
United States Dollar: The US Dollar continued to rally towards the back end of last week’s trading, following mixed data and hawkish comments from Fed Chair Yellen wh... read more

18 November 2016 - Yellen helps spur the Dollar surge

By Senior Private Client Dealer
The US Dollar was on the surge once again yesterday after some upbeat data and Yellens testimony. Jobless claims fell by 19,000 last week to 235,000, the lowest level since 1973. read more

17 November 2016 - Yellens Testimony the hot topic of the day

By Senior Private Client Dealer
The Dollar was hovering near a 14 year high against a basket of other majors on Wednesday as confidence grew on what a trump victory can do to the growth in the US economy. read more

16 November 2016 - "Higher prices are on the way" warns Carney

By Senior Private Client Dealer
The US Dollar held steady during yesterday after its calendar posted some good and promising numbers. We kicked off with retail sales which posted an increase of 0.8% against an expectation of 0.6%. read more

15 November 2016 - Brexit bombshell as Britain has no exit plan

By Senior Private Client Dealer
The economic calendar was light for most majors yesterday so any moves were limited. The dollar held on to its recent gains and was still well supported from the ‘trump effect’. read more

14 November 2016 - Could Trump bolster the US economy

By Senior Private Client Dealer
The USD was given a further boost on Friday after the consumer sentiment number posted a promising 91.6 against a forecast of 87.4. read more

11 November 2016 - Sterling Surge To End The Week 

By Manager - Private Client Desk
Joe Eastwood read more

10 November 2016 - Trump elected does little for volatility

By Corporate Dealer
Cable volatility was contained despite Trump surprisingly elected the 45th president of the United States. The uncertainty of a Trump victory gripped Asian markets prior to the UK session and caused the FTSE to fall to 6,696 as the votes were still being read more

09 November 2016 - Trump looks favourite as election closes

By Corporate Dealer
Cable stronger as Trump nears victory over Clinton. Yet to be confirmed of course, but Sterling could extend its gains against the Greenback if this is to be seen. It has been a closely fought battle overnight and as votes have been counted GBP/USD has pu read more

08 November 2016 - Clintons lead supports the Greenback

By Corporate Dealer
Sterling failed to stretch it’s gains against the Greenback yesterday. The upward run for the Pound was thwarted after the FBI announced it had closed its investigation, with no case to answer following a deeper probe into e-mails found on her personal se read more

07 November 2016 - Clinton cleared pulls cable lower

By Coporate Dealer
Sterling’s recent gains aren’t sustained for this weeks start. The Great British Pound finished last week on a high against the Greenback as Brexit negotiations continued. Cable reached 1.2527 as the UK was shocked that prime minister Theresa May has to s read more

04 November 2016 - Sterling soars as High Court puts brakes on Brexit

By Corporate Dealer
It was a busy day for the British Pound posting four week highs of 1.2495 overnight against its US Dollar counterpart. read more

03 November 2016 - Sterling finds further support

By Corporate Dealer
GBP/USD extended gains overnight to reach a three-week high of 1.2360 following news that UK construction output rose for the month of October. read more

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