Daily FX Commentary

26 May 2016 - Rising risk appetite spreads through the market

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: The new home sales data from yesterday has generated confidence that the USD will be able to withstand future interest rate hikes. Couple this with the bett... read more

25 May 2016 - Polls and Inflation comments push GBP higher

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: New home sales posted positive results, way above estimated 521k the reading came in at 619k. The USD continued its climbs against most currencies but strug... read more

24 May 2016 - FOMC Members comments increase June hike possibility

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: The USD weakened initially yesterday due to profit taking but then support came as the day continued. Most signs point to the support still coming from the ... read more

23 May 2016 - June hike horizon nears

By Andrew Atkins
United States Dollar: Although Philly fed missed its mark and unemployment claims increased slightly more than expected, the tail end of last week saw the FOMC minutes point towa... read more

20 May 2016 - Pound rises as UK Retail Sales beat forecast

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: There was more good news for the pound yesterday as UK Retail Sales smashed forecast indicating the high street is in good shape as we entered the second qu... read more

19 May 2016 - Sterling soars as poll signals remain camp to win EU referendum

By James Mills
United States Dollar: The pound rocketed yesterday as the latest opinion poll in the EU referendum showed the remain camp edging further into the lead. The poll in London’s... read more

18 May 2016 - Pound weakens on inflation data

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: The pound fell yesterday as UK Inflation data undershot expectations for April. The headline CPI figure fell from 0.5% to 0.3% y/y with drops in airfares, c... read more

17 May 2016 - Pound rises as Brexit poll puts Remain camp ahead

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: It was a very quiet start to the week in the FX markets yesterday with the only notable data release America’s Empire State Manufacturing Index. The s... read more

16 May 2016 - Pound slips as Brexit fears return

By Jake Trask
United States Dollar: The pound retreated on Friday giving away the gains seen after the latest Bank of England Inflation Report and Monetary Policy Statement. Sterling had risen... read more

13 May 2016 - Brexit Risks Made Clear by Carney

By Joe Eastwood
United States Dollar: Sterling was the big winner during yesterday''s session, breaking through 1.27 versus Euro and 1.97 against the Aussie. The MPC voted unanimously to hold in... read more

12 May 2016 - Super Thursday Finally Here

By Joe Eastwood
United States Dollar: Super Thursday is upon us finally. But first, the pound faced minor losses yesterday against EUR and USD, as manufacturing production fell for the fastest r... read more

11 May 2016 - Brexit Warning Issued

By Joe Eastwood
United States Dollar: Yesterday's JOLTS job openings release did little to impact cable, with markets waiting for the heftier data due out on Thursday and Friday from the States.... read more

10 May 2016 - Markets Cautious Before "Super Thursday"

By Joe Eastwood
United States Dollar: Cable trading activity was relatively limited yesterday with data thin on the ground, around levels of 1.44. The only real news from a greenback perspective... read more

09 May 2016 - US Jobs Data Fallout

By Joe Eastwood
United States Dollar: We’ll start this morning with the US dollar, which saw some sharp losses very quickly turned into gains following Friday’s non-farms payroll rel... read more

06 May 2016 - Markets await the non farms and the Aussie tumbles

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: The Dollar remained higher against the other major currencies on Thursday, despite the release of disappointing U.S. jobless claims data as investors began ... read more

05 May 2016 - Sterling hoping for a strong Services number

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: The dollar remained broadly higher against the other major currencies on Wednesday, after the release of mostly positive U.S. data boosted optimism over the... read more

04 May 2016 - Manufacturing at its lowest since February 2013

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: The USD was able to claw back some of its previous losses following last week’s policy decisions. Data was thin for the greenback yesterday and it wou... read more

03 May 2016 - Cable hits 4 month highs

By Dean Weller
United States Dollar: The declining odds of a FED rate hike seems to be taking its toll on the greenback. On Monday cable touched 1.4690, a 4 month high, this morning it opens ev... read more

29 April 2016 - Sterling gains seen for April

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: Cable pushes higher overnight. The Dovish tone was set by the FED on Wednesday as interest rates were kept on hold and bets on future interest rates being s... read more

28 April 2016 - FED announcement ends up a damp squib

By Alex Hartley
United States Dollar: The eagerly anticipated FED decisions ended up being a damp squib. Tuesdays European session started with an UK update on UK prelim GDP and we saw economic ... read more

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