Save when buying abroad

When making a significant purchase overseas, you will want to avoid paying more than you need to for the foreign currency you will require to complete the transaction. Also, fluctuations in exchange rates can make buying foreign items substantially more costly than you may have expected.

Another key factor to consider when buying abroad is how competitive an exchange rate you are able to obtain to convert your home currency into the appropriate foreign currency. While large businesses are typically quoted competitive market exchange rates, that is often not the case for individuals who exchange currencies via their local bank or currency dealer.

How can UKForex Help You When Buying Abroad

Not only does UKForex guarantee excellent exchange rates and fixed margins, but we also provide a transparent foreign exchange dealing system that allows you to see both the interbank exchange rate and the dealing rate you have been quoted.  This allows you to assess the actual cost of your overseas purchase in terms of your local currency. UKForex’s expert currency dealers are also available to advise you on how to best meet your foreign exchange needs.

Who Can Benefit From Using UKForex?

People make overseas purchases for a variety of reasons and they can all benefit from saving money by getting the best deal on their foreign exchange transaction. Below are some examples of the ways that UKForex can help people get a better deal on their overseas currency transaction.

Buying Property Overseas

Buying property abroad can be a complex process without having to worry about fluctuating exchange rates.

OFX can help you by quoting competitive exchange rates and by providing an expert dealer to help you develop a strategy to optimise the timing and level of your foreign currency purchase.

Basically, you find the PERFECT overseas property to buy and UKForex will give you the best exchange rate to buy it with!

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Buying a Vehicle Overseas

Once you have gone to the trouble of finding a good car or other vehicle to buy overseas, make sure you do not get ripped off when buying the foreign exchange currency you will need to pay for it.

Get the best deal for your money when buying a vehicle overseas by using OFX to ensure that you get the best exchange rate on your local currency.

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Buying a Boat Overseas

When you have shopped around for a boat overseas and have found one that is attractively priced, you will want to make sure you get a competitive currency exchange rate. This helps ensure that the boat's price remains the best for its features and condition.

OFX provides excellent exchange rates with little or no transaction fees. Our expert dealers can also advise you on developing a strategy to get the best exchange rate to optimise your boat’s purchase price when expressed in terms of your local currency.

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Other Overseas Purchases

No matter what your overseas purchase is, you will probably need to exchange your local currency for the appropriate foreign currency in order to pay for it.

This reality exposes you to exchange rate fluctuations, as well as the high margins often charged by local banks and currency dealers, thereby making the actual cost of the transaction frustratingly murky.

UKForex is the best place to get the currency you will need for that overseas purchase. We put you in control of your exchange rate risk by providing transparent and highly competitive exchange rates accessible via a simple to use currency trading platform.

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What our clients say:

“Buying a car overseas is very stressful so we were thrilled that the UKForex team handled our transaction so efficiently. Their level of communication was fantastic. I was able to monitor the status of the transaction on the website and my phone queries were answered immediately by a dealer - not a dreaded call centre.” - David Anderson

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